Giving Up Porn For Lent

giving-up---blogspotThis week began the annual season of Lent, that time of year when Christians around the world give up something that they really enjoy in order to prepare for Easter. Some people give up sweets, others give up caffeine, others give up social media.

We’re thinking this a great time for you to give up porn.

For Lent.

The whole point of Lent is to clear something out of your life in order to make room for God. You’re intentionally removing something from your world so you can fill the space that remains with Jesus. And what better thing can you give up for Lent than the soul-destroying, eternally unsatisfying consumption of porn? (Tweet This!)

Sound good? Seems like something you’d like to do?

We can help.

We actually already have a 30-Day Porn-Free Challenge all ready to go for you. It’s completely free and will provide you with some encouragement as you journey through this season of having porn be absent from your life.

And when your 30 days is up, why not keep going all the way through the rest of Lent? And then, when Lent is over and Easter has arrived and everyone else enters a time of feasting and enjoying all over again the things that they’d given up for Lent, why not take a moment and consider how much better your life has been without porn?

Let this be a season that gets extended far beyond what you ever thought you could do.


Sign up for the challenge now!


Adam Palmer is a grab-bag of creative outputs: writer, author, editor, and musician. He is the blog editor for and collaborator on several books, most recently Go Small: Because God Doesn’t Care About Your Size, Status, or Success with Craig Gross. He currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, making music with his wife Michelle and raising a handful of kids. He likes Twitter, and you can find him there @ThatAdamPalmer.

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