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3 Reasons Your Porn Use Makes Your Wife Feel Awful

porn-use-awfulMen, in more than a dozen years of research about how guys privately think about things like sex and porn use, I’ve seen a striking pattern. Although nearly all men are visually tempted today, and many hate and struggle against the temptation, most of those same men also think of it as a private thing that has nothing to do with their wives. They may feel awful about it, but they really don’t understand why their wives would. As one very representative guy told me, “Sometimes I deal with it great. Other times, not so much. But my wife knows I love her, right? She knows that if I look at porn it says nothing about my love for her.”

Guys, I’m here to tell you why you’re wrong. And please know I’m not trying to heap guilt or shame onto the heavy load you’re already carrying. Honestly, given my research with thousands of men for For Women Only and, more recently, Through a Man’s Eyes, I actually have immense compassion for your struggles in today’s culture.

But I’m here as a woman – and as a researcher – to help you understand the truth of what your wife has probably been telling you: that your porn use really does make her feel terrible.

Here are three of the reasons why:

1. To her, your porn use is, by definition, sexual involvement with someone other than her. Women generally aren’t as tempted toward self-stimulation as men are; and even where we are, it is usually around internal fantasies, not via external pictures of a completely different person. So when you’re looking at another woman and having a sexual experience at the same time, we view that as having a sexual experience with another woman. I know many men don’t view it that way. But we do. (And so does God, by the way. When Jesus calls it “committing adultery in your heart” he’s not just laying down a rule of some kind; he’s accurately describing what truly is going on in the hearts of men.)

2. For your wife, sexual attraction/involvement doesn’t happen without emotional connection and love. Our female brains are wired differently than yours. Although there are certainly exceptions, we women aren’t usually sexually tempted by a man unless we’re emotionally attracted to and connected with him. And of course if we’re married, we think there’s no way we would “let” ourselves become emotionally attracted to someone other than the man we love. Thus, if you’re sexually tempted by other women (even images of them), we instinctively feel you must also be “letting yourself” get emotionally attracted and connecting to these other women; you must have some love for them, somehow. And that makes what might otherwise be seen as a purely emotionless sexual, physical experience (see #1) seem like a painful betrayal. The wounded heart cries, But you promised to love me, and me alone!

3. Your wife already feels she cannot measure up to other women… and you just confirmed it. This, oddly enough, is probably the most gut-wrenching feeling underneath the other two. Everyone has different fears and insecurities, but we discovered in our study with women for For Men Only that one of the most common insecurities for us as women is the deep desire to know that we are beautiful to our men – as well as the deep doubt that we are.

You know all those images out there in the world that tempt you to look at them? The cover of the magazine, the girl in the short-shorts, the babe on the TV? Well, we see all those images too. And as they parade by, they tempt you … but they destroy us. They whisper, You’ll never be pretty/thin/tall/well-endowed enough to be attractive to anyone. You’ll never measure up to this. You’re not beautiful; you’re ugly. And once we get married, we think we’ve found someone who does find us beautiful…. But that underlying insecurity is still there. So we subconsciously wonder, “But am I attractive enough for him?” And if your head swivels sideways when the hot girl saunters by, or we discover you’ve been looking at porn, you’ve just confirmed our deepest fears. No. We’re not enough. We’re not beautiful enough for our husband. It can be devastating.

Now, let me reiterate: I do not share those three things to make you feel terrible, or burden you with shame. I don’t even share those to give you more pressure than you may already feel. I trust that if you have read this far, that you deeply love your wife and truly want to be the man she needs. So I share this solely so you can know what is likely going on, deep down, inside the woman you love. She needs your reassurance and your protection.

We are strong, confident women on the outside. But on the inside, most of us are still like those young girls who secretly hope that our Prince Charming will show us, yet again, that he finds us beautiful.

Men, you’ve got a treasure in your hands: your wife’s vulnerable heart. Ask God for what I know you truly do want: the ability to hold and protect that treasure well.

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4 Things Married Women Should Never Do

blog-costof[pornYay! You’ve been working and praying for this day and it is finally here: you’re married. Congratulations!

Now is a great time to look ahead and figure out what to do – and not do – with the “new normal” of being a wife. Or maybe you’ve been married for years and want to know how to get the spark back or keep it from fading.

I’ve studied those exact topics for years in my research with more than 15,000 men and women for my books For Women Only, For Men Only, and The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages. And there are four common habits that are so easy for us as women to fall into – and yet so dangerous. (In case you’re wondering, men have their own list too!)

One important caveat: this list will be applied differently if you’re dealing with extremely serious issues like addictions or affairs. Those require more than just this list. But for the vast majority of marriages, let’s take a look at four things we as married women should never do:

1) Never take on activities—including time with the kids–that consistently keep you away from your husband. 

You may be immediately skeptical of this one – just as I was, as a new wife, in a new city. But I’m a busy, independent woman, my thinking went, why shouldn’t I dive full-force into the type of activities that I loved before I got married? After all, church volunteering, community theater, choirs, and service projects kept me busy and fulfilled while I was single and wondering if I’d ever get married. It gave me the vibrancy and energy that attracted Jeff to me in the first place. Why should I have to cut back now that I was married?

No reason but one, I discovered, and it changes everything: your marriage is now your top priority, which essentially means that it has to be your top activity! And like any scheduling conflict, when you add a major priority, others have to be cut back. Or even be set aside altogether for a time.

In my research study of the happiest couples, one of their top secrets was also one of the easiest to overlook or discount: the husband and wife hung out together a lot. Happy spouses need to spend time together and treat each other as best friends. And you are best friends in name only if most of your discretionary time is spent on other priorities (which includes kids, once they come along, by the way). One of the sneakiest ways for a marriage to fail is for one or both spouses to spend so much attention and time on the kids that they hardly know each other anymore.

Don’t let that happen. Make your husband your top human priority.

2) Never keep things from your husband.

Speaking of being best friends, another marital no-no is to purposefully keep anything from your husband. Keeping secrets may have worked when you were dating the high-school football jock and trying to figure out if you liked the class president better, but once you’re married, secrets are death to a happy, lifelong marriage. The “just in case” bank account on the side will kill a union that is supposed to be all in. Telling your girlfriend things you purposefully don’t share with your man will kill a union designed for complete trust and oneness.

You don’t have to make your husband into your best girlfriend and expect him to listen for hours. Most men aren’t wired for that! But if you want a great marriage, live by the “zero secrets” rule in such a way that either of you would be totally fine if you happened to listen in on the others’ conversations, or happened to see the other person’s emails, texts, or bank accounts. This is not, by the way, an excuse for trying to control your husband – or for him to control you. That’s not healthy, either! This simply means living in a way that you have nothing to hide – nor do you want to.

Keeping a secret, in fact, usually is a warning sign that the two of you need to address something for the marriage to be healthy. So if that is you, get help and advice from a licensed Christian counselor who will support your marriage!

3) Never regularly send the signal “I don’t desire you.”

In the passion of the newlywed years, it may be easy to think such a day would never come. But many women find that as the years go by, distractions, tiredness, kids, discontent, and simple inertia get in the way.

Yet in my For Women Only study of thousands of men, I was startled to learn that for most men, sex fills an emotional need even more than a physical one. For a guy, it is not “getting enough sex” that matters, but knowing that his wife desires him.

So if you are routinely too tired, don’t initiate physical intimacy, or simply don’t make sex a priority, it sends a very depressing message that will eventually deeply hurt your man – and your marriage.

While seeing that you do desire him gives your man a sense of confidence and security in himself that makes him want to be a better, kinder, more tender, and more loving husband.

So keep up the habit of making sex a priority, and you’ll see the benefits to you!

4) Never make your man feel inadequate.

Finally, you might wonder why a guy would ever need more of a sense of confidence and security in himself. Doesn’t he have that in spades already? Actually… no. Your man may look confident on the outside, but on the inside, he is likely saturated with self-doubt. The type of self-doubt that asks, all day long, Do I measure up? I want to be a great husband… but am I? I want to be a great man for this great woman, but I have no idea what I’m doing. Does she think I am any good as a husband? As a man? 

We women might be surprised to learn that these questions are very, very painful for a man. And that pain becomes excruciating when we answer those questions in the negative. No, you don’t measure up. No, you’re not doing well as a husband. Comments like “That’s not where the good dishes go” or “Why were you late for dinner?” may seem minor to us – but to him, it is a painful signal that he failed. And a man who feels like he failed will quickly not want to try. 

Thankfully, the reverse is also true. When you applaud what your man does, and try as often as possible to answer his secret self-doubt with positives (“You were so sweet to put all the fancy dishes back last night after the dinner, honey, thank you.”), he will run through walls to please you – including fixing and changing whatever he needs to, to make you happy. (“Hey, thanks again for putting everything away last night. Do you mind if I show you how I’ve been stacking all those dishes, that I think will fit better?”)

Interacting with your man in such a way that he always hears and sees the message “You DO measure up / I appreciate you so much / you’re a great man” will ensure he wants to make you happy for the rest of your life. And that is a win-win for the marriage.


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The 5 Most Common Struggles of Porn Users

5-common-struggles-pornSome things are universal, including the struggles of porn users. Men or women, rich or poor, black or white, the most common struggles of porn users don’t discriminate and they don’t get divided up along demographic lines.

No, the most common struggles of porn users are universal.

Here are the top five:

1) Porn users struggle with loneliness

Pornography has a tendency to create a feeling of loneliness within the user.

Even though porn promises connection with seemingly unlimited partners, the porn user knows deep within their souls that these connections are false; they only serve to heighten the sense of loneliness within the user.

2) Porn users struggle with a warped worldview

Porn reduces the world to a series of fantasies and ridiculous sexual encounters. In the world of porn, the men are always dominant, the women are always vocal, any situation can turn sexual, and every person is really just a sexual organ waiting to be gratified. This can have real-world consequences as porn users take this worldview into their actual lives, reducing people to sex objects. 

3) Porn users struggle with anxiety

The large majority of porn users do so in secret. That is, they don’t want anyone to know about their porn consumption, especially the people they love or are in relationship with, like their spouse, their children, their parents, their coworkers, or even their pastors. As a result, they live a double life, constantly worried they’ll be found out, their secret will be exposed, and their world will come crashing down. The anxiety can become almost a constant gnawing presence, a worry that never leaves them alone or gives them a moment’s peace.

4) Porn users struggle with a diminished sex life

Think porn only affects the mind? Think again – porn (and the masturbation that so often goes alongside it) can dramatically affect the porn user physically, and that effect is almost always negative. The majority of porn users report a diminished sex life, brought about by their reliance on porn. Sex becomes less satisfying for both them and their partner, and far from “spicing things up,” porn almost always brings things down.

5) Porn users struggle with shame

The previous four in this list are bad, but perhaps the worst struggle of porn users, is with shame. Shame is a hovering presence in the mind of the porn user, relentlessly beating upon them like waves on rocks. Shame lashes the porn user with self-doubt and self-hate, making it all the more difficult for them to see a way out from their compulsion.

Those are the five most common struggles of porn users, but they are by no means all of them. Fortunately, every single one of these struggles can be countered by accountability, by the porn user letting someone else into their life and into their struggle with porn so they can start telling a better story. It’s why we created X3watch and began hosting X3groups. Learn more about these life-giving alternatives and find out how to stop struggling with porn and start achieving freedom from it.

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A couple of the girls here at Fulham escorts used to work as porn stars in the States but had to come back to London as they were not making enough money. It seems strange to a lot of people, but there isn’t really that much money in porn movies anymore. I have never tried it myself, but my friends have been telling me that the porn movie industry in the UK has almost completely disappeared thanks to private ponr movies. I know that private porn movies are very popular and I don’t think that is going to change.

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The fad for private porn movies seem to have started in the US and it then crossed the Atlantic to germany. For some reason, more private porn movies are being made in germany than anywhere else in Europe. At first I was really shocked but if you check out some of the porn sites, you will find that there is a lot of German private porn on the sites. The girls here at Fulham escorts say that the Germans seem to like their women really well fed and that there are a lot of fat women in the pornos.


After that, it is Japan who puts out the most private porn movies. One of the girls who work with us at Fulham escorts is from Japan and she has showed us some of the sites. I was totally surprised when I noticed how many private pornos can be found on Japanese sites. There must be hundreds of thousands of private pornos on Japanese sites and most of them are rather naughty. Japanese women are very tiny so many of the would pass for petite escorts. The least that can be said is that Japanese women do look really young.


I thought that a lot of private pornos would come from Scandinavia countries like Sweden and Denmark. We have a Swedish girl here at Fulham escorts as well and she says that she is not aware that the Swedes produce a lot. Her grandma comes from Poland and she says that a lot of pornos come from the Old Eastern block countries as well. I was surprised at that bit I suspect that a lot of people in those countries are prepared to make movies to try to make some money.


One thing that I do have to agree with my friends at Fulham escorts about, is that too many private pornos are being made. Often safety and health are totally compromised and that is not right. I am sure that the EU would have a hard time regulating all of this, but something needs to be done when it comes to private porn movies. They are killing of the professional porn industry and that is not doing anything for the people that work in it. The UK ponr movie industry used to be worth millions, but now it is only worth a small fraction of that. Is that any good for the adult entertainment in general? I don’t think so.