The 5 Most Common Struggles of Porn Users

5-common-struggles-pornSome things are universal, including the struggles of porn users. Men or women, rich or poor, black or white, the most common struggles of porn users don’t discriminate and they don’t get divided up along demographic lines.

No, the most common struggles of porn users are universal.

Here are the top five:

1) Porn users struggle with loneliness

Pornography has a tendency to create a feeling of loneliness within the user.

Even though porn promises connection with seemingly unlimited partners, the porn user knows deep within their souls that these connections are false; they only serve to heighten the sense of loneliness within the user.

2) Porn users struggle with a warped worldview

Porn reduces the world to a series of fantasies and ridiculous sexual encounters. In the world of porn, the men are always dominant, the women are always vocal, any situation can turn sexual, and every person is really just a sexual organ waiting to be gratified. This can have real-world consequences as porn users take this worldview into their actual lives, reducing people to sex objects. 

3) Porn users struggle with anxiety

The large majority of porn users do so in secret. That is, they don’t want anyone to know about their porn consumption, especially the people they love or are in relationship with, like their spouse, their children, their parents, their coworkers, or even their pastors. As a result, they live a double life, constantly worried they’ll be found out, their secret will be exposed, and their world will come crashing down. The anxiety can become almost a constant gnawing presence, a worry that never leaves them alone or gives them a moment’s peace.

4) Porn users struggle with a diminished sex life

Think porn only affects the mind? Think again – porn (and the masturbation that so often goes alongside it) can dramatically affect the porn user physically, and that effect is almost always negative. The majority of porn users report a diminished sex life, brought about by their reliance on porn. Sex becomes less satisfying for both them and their partner, and far from “spicing things up,” porn almost always brings things down.

5) Porn users struggle with shame

The previous four in this list are bad, but perhaps the worst struggle of porn users, is with shame. Shame is a hovering presence in the mind of the porn user, relentlessly beating upon them like waves on rocks. Shame lashes the porn user with self-doubt and self-hate, making it all the more difficult for them to see a way out from their compulsion.

Those are the five most common struggles of porn users, but they are by no means all of them. Fortunately, every single one of these struggles can be countered by accountability, by the porn user letting someone else into their life and into their struggle with porn so they can start telling a better story. It’s why we created X3watch and began hosting X3groups. Learn more about these life-giving alternatives and find out how to stop struggling with porn and start achieving freedom from it.

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