Surrey Escorts on how to feel better about your body

I love feeling good about my body, and I think that it is important for women to feel good about their bodies. Some of the girls that I work with at Surrey escorts do not feel good about their bodies at all, and that is very apparent. They keep having little minor tweaks and operation. To be straight with you, that is not doing them any good at all. If you want to feel good about your body, it is always best to go down the natural route.

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Some women find that very hard, and to be fair, going down the natural route can be a real challenge these days. Our food is full of toxins, and if you truly want to be healthy and feel good about your body, you need to check out your diet first of all. One of the girls here at Surrey escorts was made on orange juice. What she did not appreciate was that orange juice contains tons of sugar and can really effect your negatively. It can give you bad skin and aching joints. Grapefruit, freshly squeezed, is so much better for you.


Of course exercise is important for you as well, but there is a trick to it. When I first joined Surrey escorts, I noticed that a lot of the girls went to the gym for hours. Most of the time, they were not eating enough to sustain such a work out routine, and the routine was only causing their bodies stress. Did they feel good about their bodies? No they did not and they kept finding faults all of the time. Now when the girls have changed their workout routine, they feel a lot better than they used to. They are less exhausted and actually enjoy life instead.


It is not easy to recognize that you need to change your routine. It took me ages to change my routine, but now I love my body. One of the best ways was to change the way I ate, and I tell all of the girls here at Surrey escorts to do the same thing. If you truly want to nourish your body, you should change your eating routine and start eating small meals instead. For years, we have been told that snacking is bad for us, but when you eat smaller meals, you will keep your energy levels up all of the time. We used to look at food as energy, but the problem is that we don’t do that anymore.


Also, appreciate that your body needs other types of input as well. The girls here at Surrey escorts, seem to be into reading magazines a lot, but I am not into that. I prefer to pick up a good book, and rad that. Like I say to my colleagues, a good book is fuel for the soul and I am sure that it makes you feel good. Yes, it is okay to watch Youtube or TV, but there is nothing like a book to stimulate the mind. My mom read with me a lot when I was young, and it has kind of made me addicted to books.


What You Thought You Knew

xxxchurch - What You Thought You Knew (1)Recently, my friend told me that he married his wife hoping – if not believing – that she would be the end of his struggle with pornography.

“I went into marriage hoping that my wife would replace the years of women I’d given myself to behind the computer screen and yet there I found myself – in bed with her – thinking of them.”

I still don’t know how the idea that marriage solves addiction became such a prominent thought but I hear it all the time.

Whether you’re married or not, there’s a lot we need to begin to think differently about when it comes to pornography.

Today, I want to invite you to watch three free videos from the My Pilgrimage experience. They’re yours as a gift.

It is said that change begins in the mind and if we’re ever going to come to a place where we can truly call freedom a thing that is ours, then to the mind we will go.

Check out these three free videos today.

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

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Stories From Alaska

xxxchurch - Stories From Alaska (2)Just this last month, I went to a conference in Nashville with a guy who I work with here on the XXXchurch team. We were supposed to learn from the best of the best about how we could do a better job with our ministry.

He also has something similar to the My Pilgrimage video courses we’ve created for you and when we first registered for them, we were excited to dive in and even more excited about the live event, which we were told was going to be absolutely essential for our hopes to improve what we’ve been working on.

He said that the live event would cover so much more than the video courses we’d already signed up for.

When we arrived, though, we soon discovered that the live event was exactly the same as what we’d already gone through. I guess he counted on the fact that almost no one would watch his videos beforehand…?

I’m not going to lie – it was disappointing. Not only was I bummed that I felt tricked but I felt bad for everyone else who hadn’t done their homework (and thought they were getting the opportunity of a lifetime) when they could have saved some dough and stayed home with the computer.

Here’s what I’m getting at… I don’t want that to happen to you.

Oftentimes when we’re left on our own to get something done…it doesn’t get done. One of our core values that has driven XXXchurch over the last 15 years – and our upcoming experience with My Pilgrimage now – is community.

We have to help one another along the way.

The “homework” – if you will – matters.

Perhaps the best aspect of My Pilgrimage is the small groups, which are full of people learning to walk this new path and who want to encourage and inspire one another as they do it.

We meet together online every week in safe, confidential groups and help one another work through addiction, shame, guilt, despair and hopelessness. We do this in hopes that we can finally come to experience what it means not just to be free…but to feel free.

A couple of weeks ago, when I first wrote to tell you about this upcoming My Pilgrimage experience, I mentioned that I’d just gotten home from our live event in Alaska.

That trip was such an amazing opportunity to participate in life together, the way people are designed to exist in community. I wanted to share a story we captured from one of our My Pilgrimage group members – Jarred – while we were in Alaska together this year.

Mark your calendar for September 13th and join My Pilgrimage with us then.

I promise, the guys in Alaska had a way better experience at the live My Pilgrimage event than we did in Nashville last month. When you register for this experience on September 13th, we’ll give you $500 off your trip next year, when we head back to Alaska in 2017.

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

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“Can I Kill Myself With A .22?” (Warning: Graphic)

xxxchurch - -Can I Kill Myself With A .22-- (Warning- Graphic) (2)One of the major questions I’m constantly asking is: how can I help people see the reality of what pornography is doing to them before it’s too late?

Sometimes, I think that even harder than convincing someone who loves pornography to hate it, is convincing someone indifferent to it that they need to be concerned.

I’ll let this letter speak for itself but I want to encourage you that if you’ve come this far thinking that pornography is no big deal, I’d implore you to think again. That’s not a threat – it’s me, begging.

Or, if you find yourself at a place in life where you’re realizing just how big of a deal it is, don’t give up. Help is real – hope is real – and you don’t have to stay there.

After reading this letter take the 1st step toward freedom and hope today by watching these 3 FREE videos.

As a former youth pastor who is now managing a store in a high stress environment, I have been looking at a ton of porn.

I’ve been drinking outrageous amounts of alcohol but my wife is hours away with the kids while I live in a crappy one-bedroom apartment.  

Temptation has turned into a daily habit.

Come home, fix way too strong a drink, go to my typical websites, get off, feel terrible, look over at the books I should be reading that I brought with me, rinse, repeat.

I recently heard My Pilgrimage authors, Seth Taylor and his brother, on my favorite podcast. I listened to what this guy was saying, mind blown. I thought, “Man, if this guy is serious, I’ll buy in.”  

I know it isn’t just porn for me.

I’ll die early (like everyone has told me since I turned 21) because of the amount of alcohol I consume on the daily.  

I bought the audiobook before the podcast ended, which finally got me to pray for the second time since moving here six months ago.

The last time I prayed I was face down in my stand up shower (an impressive feat for such a big dude), curled into a ball, drunk, asking God, “Why am I here? Are you even real? Do you give a crap about me at all? Is my wife cheating on me? Am I just like my father?”

The other night, I prayed for so long, meditating, searching my soul for these wounds I carry every day while I’m at work, I keep thinking to myself, “What are they?”

What are the wounds that I’m medicating so heavily that I can’t stop trying to kill myself with alcohol?

What is inside of me that forced me to actually Google:

“Can a .22 kill a man?”

I’m not fixed, I’m not porn-free, I’m not even fully sober. I will tell you though – I have only looked at porn twice since last Thursday and I’ve been drunk a considerable amount less, in quantity and quality. For a guy who used to masturbate four or five times a day while he watched his marriage and sex life with his wife fall apart – a guy who drank a half gallon of whiskey every two days – it feels like a miracle.  

I can’t explain everything going on in me right now, I can’t even explain my morning prayers and thoughts I have while I sit in my truck and wait for the windshield to defrost instead of opting for a morning cigarette. It is borderline insane to me that I can walk like this, feel like this, still even be doing what I’ve been doing, but to be able to watch it slowly die?  

Yeah I still desire some things, but this… it’s… free.  

It’s turned into something I just kind of want at moments instead of a driving force that I must have and fulfill the second I walk through my apartment door.

I’m not entirely sure what is at the end of this book or even this path that I’m on, but I have to say this may be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen step foot out of your ministry.

It changed and is changing my life. I can’t express my gratitude enough, I’ve tried everything and nothing could stop the monster I felt I had become.  

This is truly revolutionary and I am so thankful for the book, the message and the group of you guys out there right now that aren’t living in the “under a rock” mentality and ignoring real issues that real people are having.  

Even if this doesn’t reach you personally, even if I’m one of a thousand people that emails you and tells you how amazing this really is, I hope whoever gets this on your behalf just tells you and Seth, “Thanks, man.”  

Thanks for a new outlook, thanks for at least a little less cloud and depression and confusion… I wish I could think of something better to say than just thanks, but there really aren’t words for this freedom…”

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

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“It’s Not the Chemicals, It’s Your Cage”

Last week I was on the train from San Diego to Los Angeles and a friend sent me the craziest video about addiction and what it is and I wanted to pay it forward to you. It’s literally a five-minute cartoon explaining how we all have the wrong understanding about what addiction even is, that it’s not chemicals but a cage.


The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection.

If there’s one thing that I think we’re most excited about as we get ready to open up the My Pilgrimage experience, it’s our small groups online, because if freedom is really possible, it’s only possible together.

Now, that’s not to say “sobriety” isn’t possible, but it is undoubtedly to say that no sobriety will ever come from isolation. Our very nature is inherent with the need to bond to something.

In our increasingly disconnected world, doesn’t it make sense that if we’re not finding satisfaction in one another, we’ll continue to seek it out in something else?

On September 13th, when we make My Pilgrimage available for the first time, we want people to be connected. I want you to know that we deeply value connection.

We’re including 3 full months worth of our My Pilgrimage Small Groups experience.

We’re offering this as part of the experience because we want people who are learning to walk this new path to know that they are not alone, and pornography addiction is often so lonely that it can be hard to believe that is true…but it is.

I’d love it if you joined us on the journey. My Pilgrimage is an experience for men who want to walk this road to redemption together.

Our groups are safe, confidential and specifically designed to provide the kind of connection, encouragement and understanding that we need to see one another through to the end.

To learn more about this experience and to get a taste of what My Pilgrimage is all about watch these 3 FREE videos.

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

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Survey Says … Complete Freedom Is Possible

xxxchurch - Survey Says … Complete Freedom Is PossibleA little over a week ago we asked our audience to complete a short survey.

I wanted to say thanks if you took the time to fill that out. If you didn’t get to it, no worries – you still can if you want to.

Either way, though, I thought it might be interesting to share a little bit of the feedback we got from that questionnaire.

First of all – the overwhelming majority of those who helped us out do still believe and agree that complete freedom from pornography addiction is possible.

That’s good news! We believe that too.

We’ve seen it and from the sound of things, quite a few of the folks who responded are walking in that freedom right now. If that’s you – awesome – I hope you continue to and I hope we can continue to help.

If that’s not where you’re at though – if maybe you’re in a place that feels helpless, depressed or anxiety-laden, I want to stress that you’re not alone either.

Maybe you don’t believe me (“loneliness” was high up on the list of reasons for using pornography). Maybe you don’t believe there’s an answer…

I think there is and I think it’s rooted even deeper than the pornography itself. I know that’s another major area of interest so far in the survey: what’s the real problem? We’re always doing what we can to root out the real issue and bring those things to light and develop new and better ways of serving you who want to join us on the journey to freedom.

That said, thanks again for helping us out. I think we’ve got some great stuff that seems right in line with what people are looking for and I’ll send it your way if you sign up for these 3 FREE videos.

I believe it can make all the difference.

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

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Is ‘Once An Addict, Always An Addict’ True?

xxxchurch - Is 'Once An Addict, Always An Addict' True-“I am an addict.

Or, at least, I thought I was.

When I was a boy, my grandmother was a recovering alcoholic, but her recovery never seemed to move past: Once an addict, always an addict.’

I just assumed it would always be the same for me and pornography.

There comes a time when, after so much failure and discouragement, the assurance of freedom only feels like another broken promise waiting to happen…”

My friend wrote that to me on Saturday and even though it’s hard to read, I’m glad he did. Honestly, it’s a lot like the 1000+ responses we’ve been receiving from people in the survey we share with you last week..

All of it has made me realize, more and more, that as we invite you and so many others to experience My Pilgrimage for the first time, I need to acknowledge a couple of things first:

Cynicism and unbelief.

Just yesterday, someone asked me if I even believe that it is possible to be free from addiction to pornography anymore or if we’re just selling false hopes and future failures under the guise that freedom is actually real.

To be honest, that’s harsh but it makes sense to me. It makes sense when, for fifteen years, I’ve watched so many people lose hope and give up. I’ve seen so much self-hatred. I’ve seen so many marriages fail. I’ve seen so many lives fall apart.

And I’ve seen so many people promising freedom… and then breaking that promise.

Not to mention…everybody’s trying to make a quick buck. It makes sense that in this day and age, you’d want approach everything with skepticism. Especially an “experience” offering freedom from an addiction that you’ve already given up on believing is possible to overcome.

If I have anything worthwhile to offer, it’s that I don’t know anyone more skeptical about the “new, latest and greatest” than I am and I think those fears are completely valid.

Frankly, when I first met the guys who wrote the book for My Pilgrimage and helped us create this experience, I didn’t believe it either.

The crazy thing, though, is that I do believe it now.

I believe it because the people who have been given the chance to go through the My Pilgrimage experience with one another have actually discovered a freedom they never have before. They’ve actually found a freedom that they can feel. A peace that certainly surpasses this skeptic’s understanding – and yet there it is: peace.

I’ve worked in this world for a very long time and dedicated everything to helping others break loose from the chains of pornography addiction.

If I could ask you – from one cynic to another – to bear with me and suspend whatever unbelief you’ve allowed to strip you of hope, please do.

P.S. I mentioned recently that I just got back from our live 2016 “Alaska Pilgrimage experience. I thought you might enjoy sitting in on a conversation with Feels Like Redemption authors Seth and David Taylor, whose book we used to base much of the My Pilgrimage experience off of. In this candid interview, we dive into Seth and David’s personal stories of the cycle of defeat – and what led them out of it.

Watch here as they discuss the deep contrast between the constant condemnation of the past and the ever-present hope and freedom found in the journey toward a future loosed of its chains.



Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

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A manual on the most ideal Covent Garden escorts

All guests which will certainly need to explore Covent Garden ought to understand the sorts of companions who you will definitely need in the course of your experience when trying to possess all of them in the city. The Covent Garden escorts possess consistently made sure that you will require during the course of your experience hence assisting you decide that you will definitely make use of when making a decision from the Covent Garden escorts that will assist you recognize the reasons you would all of them quickly. Listed here is actually a manual on the most effective Covent Garden companions who will certainly help you have a good time.

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Processing Pain and Salmon Fishing

fishing-blogI just got back from Alaska with a group of guys we took on our Alaska Pilgrimage experience. We spent the last four days an hour north of Anchorage in Willow, Alaska. We even went salmon fishing.

Me… I went salmon fishing. I know we don’t know one another, personally, but let me just tell you – that’s outside of my comfort zone.

Then again, this whole experience was probably outside of everyone’s comfort zone, to one degree or another.

For the last three years – literally – we’ve been working on creating an experience for men that dives beneath the surface of pornography addiction and gets to the heart of why we struggle so deeply in the first place.

You may already know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve already heard of My Pilgrimage, it’s because you’re one of the few I’ve told here behind the scenes at XXXchurch, but until now, we’ve never released it to the public. We have sent this out to some of our mailing list over the last year or so but never put it publically for sale.

Whether you’ve caught glimpses of it before, or are just hearing about it for the first time, I want to say that I think this is the best experience for men we’ve ever had the joy of creating and I can’t wait to tell you more about it in the coming weeks as we get closer to our first public opportunity to participate in this new experience.

Like I said, we’ve been developing My Pilgrimage for over three years now, but before we finalize everything, it needs just one last touch:


We need your help and we’d love your feedback…

I’ve not always done the best job of communicating with everyone but we really want this whole experience to be more of a conversation than a monologue. So, we developed a short survey and would love it if you’d take a minute – literally 60 seconds – to fill it out for us.

I value your input and I can guarantee to see each response and make sure we’re including what you’re after, so that this can be the most helpful experience you’ve ever received from us.

Click here to take the survey.

I’m asking quite a few people to help with these same questions and I’d like to thank you in advance for your willingness to help me out.

In the meantime you can get a little taste of what My Pilgrimage is all about by watching these 3 FREE videos.

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

Start Your Pilgrimage

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3 Reasons Why Porn Hurts Your Spouse’s Self-Esteem

xxxchurch - 3 Reasons Why Porn Hurts Your Spouse's Self-Esteem (1)Pornography addiction doesn’t just affect the person who uses porn. It creates a vacuum that sucks the life out of everyone surrounding it. When my husband was looking at porn regularly, he thought that it had no effect on me. I’m sure that is a common thought process, but boy, is it wrong. Porn hurts your spouse’s self-esteem; in fact, his pornography addiction led to the downfall of my own self-esteem and worth.

Face it: many women are already prone to feeling poorly about themselves and comparing themselves to other women.

Add your husband yearning to look at other women and you have a recipe for a crumbling self-image. Here are three ways porn addiction hurt my self-esteem.

1) Competition

When I knew that he was looking at porn, I felt the need to compete for his attention. I thought that if he needed porn to be satisfied then I was not doing enough. I tried to “win” his affection back by attempting to imitate what he liked to watch. In essence, I thought I needed to look like a porn star and act like a porn star just so he would notice me.

But trying to look and act like something or someone you’re not just takes a toll after a while. I was just a regular person, flaws and all—how could I compete with a professional production? Pretty soon I lost who I was. I became numb. I forgot how to enjoy sex. I distinctly remember asking him one time if I was better than porn. Of course, he said yes. But, of course, I couldn’t believe it. There was this blurred line of sexual intimacy and putting on a show.

2) Inadequacy

Have you ever tried to reach a goal or be part of a team over and over again only to realize that you just weren’t good enough each time? It hurts. Porn hurts your spouse’s self-esteem. I never felt good enough. He wanted to watch other women instead of being with me. Every time I thought I satisfied him, he would still go back to pornography.

I lost weight, put makeup on every day, and made sure to dress “sexy.” I tried to act the part of a porn star. None of that mattered. Again, I didn’t measure up to the images that were ingrained in his mind. Eventually, the feeling of inadequacy led me to believe that I had no worth; no worth as a wife, a woman, a mother, a friend, a person. The feeling of never being enough crushed my self-esteem.

recover-org-inline3) Objectification

It’s often said that pornography addiction leads the individual to see other people as sexualized objects. It is so true. I felt like an object. I was only there to be pretty and fulfill every sexual need. At that point, there was no connection, no true intimacy. I was just body parts and sexual acts. I knew that he didn’t see me as a whole person then because sex wasn’t about connecting deeper or putting each other first, it felt like it was only about what he wanted.

I spoke with my husband recently about this aspect of porn addiction. He said that when he was looking at porn, it didn’t feel like the performers were real people. He said that, to him, watching porn was basically watching body parts. When people are stripped down to only being seen as body parts, dehumanization begins. Talk about a hit to your self-esteem when you don’t feel like a human.

Porn hurts your spouse’s self-esteem. And after it’s been torn down, self-esteem is a very difficult thing to build back up. It is something that I struggle with to this day, to this minute, this very second. I am no longer the person I was before this addiction affected my marriage.

Having gone through this addiction and come out the other end (God is so good!), trust me when I say, get help for your porn addiction, but don’t forget to find help for your spouse’s well-being. One great place you can start is, and tell her to check out

Porn addiction causes more damage to the people around you than you think. But there is hope and there can be healing, my husband and I are proof of that! So don’t give up.

logoguide1There is hope and healing for women who have been hurt by sexual betrayal. is a brand new program launching this fall just for women who need to find restoration and peace after the damage done to them by a spouse’s infidelity.

Find out more today!

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