What to Give Someone Who Struggles with Porn for Christmas

First off, if you struggle with porn this part is for you.

It’s really easy when you are someone who struggles with porn to fall into the trap of trying to fix yourself. So you try and read the Bible more or pray more and act really Holy.

But most of the time we run out of steam and end up back at square one.

It can be really disheartening. You want so desperately to be free but you can’t seem to manage it. You do everything you think you are supposed to do but nothing works.

I’ll repeat that again.

You do everything you think you are supposed to do but nothing works.

And that is the point.

We spend so much time trying to fix ourselves that we forget that we can’t.
We can’t.

If you struggle with porn you will not be able to fix it yourself.

We need help. We need other people. We need people to care about how we are doing. So if you struggle with porn you need to bite the bullet and tell someone. That is the only way you will ever be free.

Alright, now to the people who have the biggest job of all.

The people whose help and support are going to be crucial to those of us who sometimes struggle with porn.

The accountability partners.

This is for you. Just a few tips that will help you help you be the best darn accountability partner you can be this Holiday Season.

So first things first.

1. The first step is the hardest.

You may not think it but the person you are keeping accountable is probably terrified to tell you about their problem. They most likely have never told anyone before and they are trusting you to not go and blab to Doris in your prayer triplet. They may think they are the only person in the history of time who has ever looked at pictures of naked women/men, which is, of course, ridiculous but that is what they will believe.

So keep it on the low down. Show them you can be trusted. Show them they can tell you anything and you won’t be shocked.

2. Be firm and soft at the same time (no pun intended).

The one thing that someone who struggles with a porn addiction needs is someone who will not be afraid to call it like it is. We may try and make excuses or provide ‘reasoning’ for our actions. There are some key phrases to listen out for. For example, “Like I said last time, it won‘t happen again”, “the devil made me do it” or “Geez I don’t know how those pictures got there, I think I saw my Gran surfing the web before me though.”

But seriously, sometimes we need a kick in the butt and told to wise up.

Sometimes that can be the best thing we can hear. On the other hand, sometimes we need to know that we can do it. We need to be told regularly that we are loved and that God loves us and that you love us and that the cycle we find ourselves in can come to an end. We need a lot of Grace and a lot of Hope.

3. Just be there

I’m not saying you need to hide in your friend’s closet, ready to jump out at them every time they get a little bit porn trigger happy with the mouse and keyboard (that’s just creepy), but you do need to be available if they need to talk.

There is nothing worse when you have opened up to someone than thinking they have forgotten about you and your problem. Sometimes it takes a little getting used to being open so it’s your job to get them in the swing and regularly call/meet up/ask how they are getting on?

Let them know you are in for the long haul.

4. Guide them to knowing God better.

At the end of the day God wants us to be in a relationship with him or her and He wants us to replace porn with His Love.

So pray with/for them.

Help them discover God themselves. Help them discover what are the root issues of their addiction. Show them how God has worked in other people’s lives in the Bible. Help them see Jesus in you, so they will know that he is real and what porn provides is fake.

Give the best gift you can this Christmas and be love for someone who needs it.

So we can all have a  Merry porn-free Christmas.

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Dealing with fast food addiction

Fast foods such as fries and hamburgers seem to contain some sort of secret ingredient. Recently I started to date a new guy at London escorts, and he told me about his fast food addiction. Apparently he cannot go past a fast food place without having stop. When he leaves my Charlotte action escorts boudoir, he always stops to pick up a burger and fries. He says that he is like drawn to the food and cannot stay away from it.

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It is not the first time I have heard this, and I must admit that I often wonder what it is going with our food. Working for London escorts can be hard work, and a couple of months back I could not get my life organised. I was always pulling late shifts at the escort agency in London, and on my way home from work, I ended up popping into McDonalds to pick up something to eat. It was really strange. I knew that the food was really bad for me, but I could not break the habit.

In the end, I ended up being totally addicted to McDonalds and had the app on my phone. As soon as they had a special available, I would go in and I loved all of their competitions like Monopoly. It kind of gave me a sense of belonging and at the same time I could not stop eating the food. However, I did notice that I had less energy, and in the end, I had to pull my socks off and stay away from McDonalds. It took a massive effort, but I did manage to turn my life around, and put an end to my fast food addiction.

Instead of going passed McDonalds after my last date at London escorts, I took a different route home. Having a different routine helped a lot actually and I soon started to feel better in myself. One of the girls I worked with at the escort agency in London used to have the same problem, and told me to put all of the money aside I used to spend in MCDonalds. I did not think that I would do a lot for me, but it surprised me how much money I had spent on my eating habit.

Now, I can go into a McDonalds and just have a healthy salad instead. I have told my new gent at my tricks and he has said that he is going to try to follow them. The frightening thing is that this happening to a lot of kids and it really makes you wonder how you can deal with the problem. Once kids are outside the house, it is not easy to control their behavior and stop them from popping into all of these fast food places. The same can clearly be said for adults as well, and once again, I would really like to know what is in the food. Why are we all becoming addicted to fast food?

Restoration of dating relationship: Islington escorts


It is after we have actually been out in the cold for some time that we understand how wrong we have actually remained in disregarding and neglecting the fact that we were not affected by that divorce or breakup we had. We remain a lot out of the video game trying to think exactly what occurred and what our part in the game was. We have no choice however to suffer for at some point before we begin dating once again. This is difficult as there are a lot of things that are running in our minds. Islington escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/holloway-escorts have known the ideas of rejection are probably to be in your mind. We might have had a rough time that we have been suffering slowly after that ugly scene of separation. This may have made you lose the spirits to do anything in life or engage in anymore dating relationship. Even seeing other people, from our neighbors to our good friends, engaging in dating relationships can quickly make us feel so bad to a point of getting inside our cocoon and burying our suffering there. You must understand when to return into the dating relationship state of mind, when to make a choice that will instantly see you back in a romantic gear. You must make that choice on who to bring back the relationship on, from the previous ex or with a brand-new partner. This is among the toughest choices that anyone can make.

Dating relationships are not the simplest affairs to deal with as soon as they have broken down. The pain you feel and the kind of treatment you get is not something that you wish to enjoy for some time. The very best thing is to be mentally mature, so that you don’t have to stay dismal for the rest of your life. Islington escorts noticed the thin line that separates emotional knowledge and emotional self-pity is the one which will inform you just how much you should be all set to start over, carry on or attempt to go back for the lost love.

You can seek advice from a psychic for some reading that may just provide you some clarity of mind and sense of purpose. When it pertains to the art of dating relationships, it is a really unfortunate and unpleasant affair when all that you have actually amassed with your partner, which had actually been designed with love and romantic life that was something similar to none you have ever had. Yet simply an error of intimacy and all hell broke. You must have been the one who is guilty of the fallout. Given that you might not have actually intended it, you have no option however stoop a bit low as you try to persuade your former partner of the fact that, exactly what occurred was not your intent and you can do anything within your power to restore your dynamic and flourished dating relationship. Islington escorts said that you should remember that the other partner you broke their heart has no option however to leave you and it is not a warranty that after your break up, they are single and waiting on you to emerge once more.


I gotta admit, I love a “Deal.”

I think most of us do.

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and then we have Black Friday.

You know, that day shoppers get up insanely early, storm their local retail stores, stand in ridiculous lines, possibly trample a bystander or two in a panic to get to their “doorbuster” before it runs out, all in the quest to save hard-earned dollars.

Well, I like online shopping.
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The Fighting for My Marriage workshop, for couples whose relationships are in crisis and need help.

The Best Sex Life Now workshop, for married couples looking to vastly improve their sex life.

And Touchy Subjects, a workshop for parents to help them talk to their kids about sex, tech, and social media in a touchscreen world.

These workshops are all designed to help you live a better and fuller life.

Plus… My Pilgrimage, Recover, and X3pure all come with one month of Small Groups Online for FREE.

So what are you waiting for?
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And start shopping Friday without having to change out of your pajamas.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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New TV Series | Sex in the Digital Age

One thing I love is when Christian organizations aren’t afraid to talk about real stuff… stuff like sex, porn, and the like.

That’s why I’m really stoked to tell you that we’ve partnered with God TV in putting out a 6 episode TV series called Sex in the Digital Age.


Watch this short promo.



Then tune in on Saturdays at 10:00 PM Eastern starting November 18th.

You can actually watch the first episode for FREE now by going HERE.

Watch it. Then post in the comments what you thought.

– Craig



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An older single dating: Shoreditch escorts


When you first started dating, you did not expect to see yourself on the dating scene at the age of 50. Nevertheless, life can be hard sometimes. Death and divorce put a sudden end to relationships you believed would last for life. A few of you might have likewise stayed away from getting romantically involved throughout your younger days for individual factors. Nevertheless now, as aging creeps, there is a strong urge inside to search for a brand-new long-term relationship; to try to find a buddy or companion you can share your pleasures with and lean on for assistance in times of problem. Shoreditch escorts had found out that dating once again after the age of 50 is intimidating, but not as complicated as it sounds. Whatever your goal of discovering a partner, with a little effort you make this dream come true.

After you’ve crossed the first difficulty of making your family and loved ones understand your need for your own buddy, it’s time to move out of your convenience zone and mingle. There are varied locations to meet new people. Family and friends are an excellent place to begin. They understand you and your personality traits best and hence might be able to introduce you to likeminded people; those you might consider a prospective partner. Attend celebrations, family get-togethers and wedding events.

Reaching fifty does not suggest that an individual needs to give up having an active social life. People over fifty are typically ready to explore new options such as taking a trip to interesting locations or taking classes simply for the fun of it. For over 50s singles, dating fits into this equation. Shoreditch escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/shoreditch-escorts also knew that over 50s dating is not your grandpa’s dating experience. Although resting on a front patio swing while holding hands is a terrific way to spend a Sunday afternoon, today’s over 50s take pleasure in much of the same activities as their thirty something of age. This group is not limited to shuffleboard. There are a lots of people aged 50s and friends are child boomers who believe that age is only a number.

Over 50s dating resembles dating at any age. For some it includes looking for that special someone who makes the heartbeat. Others mostly think about friendships. They may be trying to find a simply platonic relationship that gives them someone with whom they can delight in dinner, a movie or exercising at a fitness center, without any expectations of intimacy. One is not restricted to dating another person of the same age. That unique individual might be 10 years older or ten years younger which is completely appropriate. Unlike the twenty years of age dating a fifteen year old, a fifty year old male or female can date a forty year old or a sixty years of age and many people won’t give the relationship a doubt.

For an older individual who is widowed or divorced, dating the ideal person can help fill a lonesome space. Over 50s dating can improve one’s total wellness. When an adult who is over fifty discovers a compatible date mate, the relationship can provide a new lease on life and boost self-confidence.

Has Pornography Changed You?

Does pornography use change a person? This is a question we hear a lot.

Some people say “without a doubt.” Some say “not at all.”

The truth is there is no conclusive scientific evidence one way or the other.

So, here’s what we are asking … Will you take a short anonymous survey?

We’d love to hear what you have to say.


Fill out my online form.



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How Masturbation Almost Ruined Our Honeymoon

My husband and I have been married for three short months. We’re new to the sex game. We never realized it could be so difficult.

Masturbation almost ruined our honeymoon.

Before that, though, the wedding was a beautiful blur. We woke up way too early, said our vows, paid too much for everything, and it was worth it!

We tolerated the photos and festivities, but when the night closed, we literally ran out of the reception hall and punched our hotel address into Google Maps. We were going to have actual sex! Finally!

That first time was special, however…over the course of the honeymoon, we found something wasn’t quite right.

Sex was disappointing, frustrating and not nearly as orgasmic as we both expected. We realised our histories with masturbation had negatively impacted our sex life.

Masturbation taught us to expect great sex and great orgasms every time.

After ten or so years of consistent masturbation, whether that was accompanied by porn, fantasy or ‘lustless thoughts’, I’d say we both had a pretty good grip on the act. It was quick, pleasurable and consistent. It was often an escape from the discomforts of life. It was reliably good.

Of course, when it came to real sex, we expected the same thing.

Effectively pleasuring ourselves, along with the influence of Hollywood, hook-up culture and porn taught us sex would be easy. Every encounter would result in great sex and great orgasms, for both of us…every time. Wasn’t it supposed to be like super-charged masturbation?

We were ready for the fireworks show.

Alas, it never came.

Masturbation taught our bodies to respond to one thing only.

It was not for lack of love, affection or effort that our intimacy struggled on the honeymoon. It was our bodies listening to what we’d taught them.

We had both set ourselves up for specific stimulation, in a specific time frame. It was all about ‘my pleasure’ in ‘my time’.

By virtue, I could never please him like he’d learned for ten years. And likewise. Sex is different when there’s two of you. Our hands and bodies felt different, they worked differently, moved differently. We had access to body parts foreign to us until we said our vows. It was entirely different to self-stimulation. And in many cases, not as good. Whatever we were doing to each other, it just didn’t feel right.

We were like two Atlantic salmon flailing about on top of each other, trying to find the right spot. We gave up many times, exhausted and disappointed.

It was frustrating that we’d both accustomed our bodies to respond to XYZ and the other was doing ABC.

It was worse than trying to direct someone to itch a scratch on your back, in juuust the right spot.

There is not much more dangerous for intimacy than thinking ‘I can do this better’ when your spouse is trying to serve you.

The result of this was confusion and disappointment. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me. I questioned why he didn’t want to have sex all the time, and why he didn’t seem to love it when we did.

Then came the most intimate experience of our honeymoon.

One evening, we sat together on the lounge, wearing track pants and eating dip. With a B-grade movie playing in the background, we looked at each other and cried. It was overwhelming. We felt so prepared and excited, but sex just didn’t live up to the fantasy.

We prayed about it together, through tears. We realised then, that sex was sacred and beautiful. It was the act of sharing intimacy with your spouse, rather than just a means to an orgasm. If we got both out of an experience, that was great! But, if we didn’t have mind-blowing sex, that was still okay. We were learning to move together, understand the other and become one. It was sacred.

We’re still learning, but from that moment onward, sex became so much better for both of us. Ditching the pressure and expectation of having amazing sex every time truly brought peace and understanding. In this environment, we could communicate and learn.

It’s funny how losing the expectation of an orgasm actually results in more of them.

Everyone brings baggage to the marriage bed. Ours just happened to be a long history of masturbation and self-indulgence. Let this be a warning to you, whether single, engaged or married. When you masturbate, you take your spouse (or future spouse) out of the equation. How you live your life now, is setting a pattern for your future sex life.

Masturbation is a grey area in the Christian world. It brings out the fire in people. I’ve wavered in my opinion over the years, but this new stage of life has confirmed to me, that regular masturbation can really mess with your future. Choose for yourself, but consider this reflection from a newlywed who wishes to save you the strife of frustrating, confused sex that makes you wonder if it’s even worth it at all (psst, yes. It is).

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Essentials for speed and London escorts dating


Both speed dating and Internet dating are rather new practices that have actually taken off just recently because the benefits are almost endless. The advantages of online dating are obvious; browsing profiles and pictures in the convenience of your very own home (or at your workplace). No matter if you’re a women or a male the guidelines are much different than they were even 10 years ago due to this understood phenomenon of online dating. The research study is indicating that the factors behind the growing trend are fundamentally an altering social pattern. Which elements of speed dating are essential, which are necessary, and which ones can you take or leave? The majority of people who try it achieve success in getting follow up dates with somebody they truly want to see again.

Typically, people who go Speed Dating are just singles that enjoy a night out and are eager to meet other individuals. The long-term goal of this kind of dating and traditional dating are the very same, to develop a positive, significant relationship. Those that succeed in speed dating are usually people that are ready for a change and want to take a chance. This is mainly because people who register are looking to satisfy people based upon other criteria, instead of simply looks. It’s a sad reality that almost 1/4th of people who participate in online dating are wed. Regardless of what some people believe, like and dating are two separate entities. Many individuals are getting hurt because they put to much on the line when it comes to dating. The stories that stress me are when people get engaged or go on long trips with people they have actually never met personally. While these cases are indeed disconcerting, the threats are common to all kinds of dating.

The songs dating scene is becoming significantly popular as a growing number of men and women register to dating website. To find a single online is simple as the web is filled with many sites offering services to songs. For the majority of London escorts dating from https://escortsinlondon.sx/ is a numbers game and this can be a difficult job for those who find the scene unpleasant, confronting and challenging. Discovering a single online is the way of the future and the number of single ladies and guys who are making themselves readily available online, is increasing daily. Another good word of recommendations for senior London escorts dating is that individuals want to find someone that can take care of themselves. The best thing you can do when it comes to online singles relationships is to reveal other prospective mates your lighter side. It is for meeting buddies, discovering love and relationships and for those trying to find a friendship and companionship in a regular relationship.

Hidden delights

Are you looking for hidden delights? If you are looking for some hidden delights, I would be more than happy to show you mine. These days, girls seem to be more keen than ever to keep their delights hidden and tucked away. Let me assure that the girls who work for Guilford escorts are not like that at all. We are all girls who like to show are hidden delights to our gents. Sometimes we don’t show them all of at the same time. That could be a little bit boring, and that journey of discovery can be a sweet pleasure as well.

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Tell me, what sort of delights are you looking for? You do appreciate that I am not talking about cakes here, but if you like I could bring around a cake or two. I do like a sweet thing every so often, and when that craving comes over me here at Guilford escorts, you may find me rushing out into the kitchen to make some cakes. I like to make cakes and I was wondering what kind of cake I could make for you. What sort of cake do you fancy…

It would have to be that kind of cake that you can dip into. I have my own personal favorites that I like to dip into from time to time, and if you are that kind of guy who would like to deep into some cherry pie with me, I would be more than happy to oblige. My cherry pie is really different and probably not like any other cherry pie that you have tried before. You see, the girls here at Guilford escorts do have many unique and special tastes that I am sure that you will cherish.

Now how about dipping into a little bit of custard tart. Custard can be a little bit sticky and messy, and it may leave you with a bit of sweet after taste in your mouth, but yet it is delicious. I don’t have the time to make my own here at Guilford escorts, so I often up a packet of Birds Eye and use it to cover my own home made tarts. It is just as delicious and I promise you it will be a real delight to enjoy that kind of custard tart that I make.

Do you like creamy pastries? I am a sucker for a creamy pastry, and not a day goes by at Guilford escorts when I don’t indulge in a creamy pastry. There are many interesting creamy pastries, but unless you have tried a Guilford escorts cream horn, you have not really tried a pastry. I promise you that you will really enjoy it, and we will savour the taste very slowly. There is no need to rush things at all. I would prefer if we took it slowly and realised savoured that sweet taste of my own collection of very special pastries. If you like to help me to bake, you are more than welcome to do that. It is so much fun getting a bit sticky, and perhaps even licking the cake bowl.